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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Icy situations on Highway 3 bring collisions, closures for commercial vehicle road

Snowy highways

Key takeaways: 

  • Highway 3 resumed between Hope and Princeton at 6 p.m. PT after being shut for hours.
  • A still from a video demonstrates a multi-vehicle collision on Highway 3 east of Hope, B.C., on Saturday. 

Frosty conditions on Highway 3 leads to multiple vehicle collisions: 

Highway 3, the sole commercial vehicle road between Metro Vancouver and B.C.’s Interior, was sealed for hours on Sunday afternoon between Hope and Princeton after snow pushed collisions and mess on the actual highway this weekend.

Gurjit Padda was travelling in weighty snow on the highway Saturday when he saw a multi-vehicle collision that he states highlights the necessity to keep essential travel only on the road during perilous climate situations.

Padda, who operates in the construction industry in some cities across B.C., was returning to his Abbotsford residence Saturday when two enormous trucks collided into each other just east of Manning Park on Highway 3. Then, he states a third vehicle turned into the trench because it couldn’t control in time.

No one was wounded in the happening, according to Padda, but it is just the newest multi-vehicle happening on the highway that has become the only commercial vehicle supply road from the coast to the Interior after floods and slides ruined multiple highways the previous month. 

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Multiple collisions on Highway 3 due to icy conditions

He stated it is a reminder for drivers to be more cautious on the routes, and to bypass all non-essential journeys as instructed by the region.

“If you don’t require to go somewhere … just don’t go. Just stay home,” he stated.  Source –

A spokesperson for the RCMP’s B.C. Highway Patrol did not reply to a demand for a statement on the happening.

On Sunday afternoon, more additional trucks turned out on the road, forcing a highway shutdown. The highway unlocked in part about 4 p.m. PT before unlocking in each direction almost 6 p.m. 

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