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Fraser Valley farmers won’t know for weeks whereby floodwaters have hit valued dirt

Key takeaways: 

  • Discovering out whether the soil is infected will depend on a broad spectrum of factors and take a trial.
  • Floodwaters had passed down in their field, but Kaur explained the mess left after as ‘disastrous.’ 

Floods in Fraser Valley destroying framer’s fields: 

Six days into the flood, Harman Kaur and her partner took a ride through their property and saw thousands of their ruby-red blueberry bushes were still quite sunk in the murky, brown floodwater.

Dripping pesticides rolled around the field. Trash and gas tanks swam past. 

The scent of fuel filled their noses.

“There was a complete layer of oil on top [of the water], and we’re talking what I could just see from the road,” stated Kaur, 29, whose family has maintained their farm in the Arnold section Abbotsford, B.C., for almost a decade. Source –

“We don’t even know what’s gotten into the plants and the soil… God knows.” Source –

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Kaur and her husband are with the farmers suffering for the health of the precious soil in the Sumas Prairie, now that hundreds of properties have been remaining in dirty floodwater for almost a week. 

Pictures of oil, waste and jerry cans flowing through the water produce the result of an agricultural nightmare, but specialists state it will be weeks until estimates can prove precisely how the water has assumed some of the most prized farmland in the region.

Prized fields ‘like a combat zone,’ responder speaks

Many of B.C.’s food creations happen in the Sumas Prairie, a low-lying section of the Fraser Valley around 90 kilometres east of Vancouver. The region is powerful to some of the biggest agriculture services in the region for a mixture of reasons: the fields are flat, there’s temperate weather year-round and it’s near to the great city.

But the dirt holds out, too. 

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