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Flood-ravaged Abbotsford seeing Nooksack River from the U.S., as abundant rains near

Key takeaways: 

  • The city sure its dikes and pump station can manage more rain—but not if the river from Washington overflows.
  • The Nooksack River, which runs from Washington State to British Columbia’s Fraser Valley, is seen flooding its banks in a photograph from Whatcom County, Wash.’s government on Nov. 20, 2021.

The Nooksack river of the US: 

The mayor of Abbotsford, B.C. states he is certain the city’s restored dikes and sandbagged pump station can manage plenty of abundant rains in the prediction till Sunday afternoon — but not if the Nooksack River from Washington State overflows.

Abbotsford declared an evacuation alarm for the city’s Huntingdon Village, asking citizens to prepare necessary things in state they are directed to move on quick notice this weekend.

Mayor Henry Braun said reporters Saturday afternoon the flood-ravaged city is seeing the U.S.-Canada waterway “like a hawk,” because it is a difficult-to-predict wildcard without understanding how drenched the around dirt is.

He talked Saturday morning to officials in Whatcom County, Wash., which viewed the U.S. National Guard extended this weekend.

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‘The rain we can manage … We can’t manage if the Nooksack floods’

If the river does breach its shores, Braun spoke the already-saturated Fraser Valley farmland could see worsened flooding.

“We have done everything we can in a very short period,” he explained Saturday. Source –

“Now the unknown factor is how much water is going to come [from] south of the border.” Source –

“The rain we can manage — I’m pretty confident of that — but we can’t handle if the Nooksack overflows and starts emptying again into Sumas Prairie.” Source –

Waters are anticipated to penetrate the west side of the Sumas Prairie near Huntingdon Village on Sunday, according to the city.

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