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Five charged in Vancouver as stones were thrown, cars kicked during pandemic protests


Key takeaways: 

  • B.C. protests against pandemic actions, counter-protests among those across Canada on Saturday.
  • A lady in a truck has an anti-vaccine order placard during a demonstration in Vancouver on Saturday.

Vancouver protests go wild: 

On Saturday, Vancouver cops made five detentions as thousands took to the roads to oppose pandemic orders and restrictions, and counter-protesters attempted to stop their movements.

The protest against the COVID-19 vaccine and other orders was among many protests across Canada; a week after a similar rally saw hundreds take to the roads across B.C.

Saturday’s Vancouver protest poster explained it as “The Media is the Virus Convoy.” Counter-protests were had as citizens condemned the police reaction to the nationwide protests. Source –

The Vancouver Police Department stated Saturday morning that counter-protesters met the convoy on Terminal Avenue and traffic was halted as of 11 a.m. P.T.

Consequently, the convoy broke into numerous ways through the city and did not thin out until about 6 p.m., according to police.

The convoy crossed outside Vancouver General Hospital, Mount Saint Joseph Hospital, and St. Paul’s Hospital.

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BC protestors arrested for misbehaviour by the police

‘Damaging behavior and criminal conduct’

Vancouver cops stated in a release Saturday night that “while most protesters were friendly, some had to be charged for damaging behavior and criminal conduct.” Source –

Five detentions for misconduct were connected to either the major rally or the counter-protest after cops replied to rocks and eggs being thrown, cars being kicked, and nails spread on roads.

“Protesters attacked the downtown core, generated traffic gridlock and flashed fights throughout the city,” stated the release. Source –

There was a similar rally in Victoria outside the B.C. Legislative Assembly, and police requested individuals to bypass the site until about 5 p.m. Later Victoria police said there were no major incidents or arrests made in relation to the event.

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