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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Demonstrators outside kid’s vaccine hospital in Prince George rid out by RCMP

Jennifer Cooper

Key takeaways: 

  • Current rural laws prevent demonstrators from hindering access to hospitals, COVID-19 clinics and schools.
  • Protestors outside the kid’s vaccination clinic were cleared out by RCMP. 

Demonstrators gathered outside children’s hospital: 

RCMP state demonstrators were screaming at and supporting parents outside a children’s COVID-19 vaccination hospital in Prince George, B.C. Monday, and have been notified they could face imprisonment if they repeat their activities.

Const. Jennifer Cooper states police got various calls regarding a small group of rebels fighting in an “intimidating” fashion outside the city’s first vaccine clinic for children aged five to 11 the morning of Dec. 6. Source –

“Complaints received were of protesters following patrons of the clinic too and from their vehicles, as well as shouting at the patrons of the clinic what could be considered intimidating anti-vaccine slogans or rhetoric,” she stated. Source –

Those activities are banned under British Columbia’s new Access to Services COVID-19 Vaccination Act, issued on Nov. 26. It sets a 20-metre access territory encompassing hospitals, COVID-19 clinics, and K-12 schools. Within access zones, it is a crime to interrupt or hinder access to services.

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RCMP clears out demonstrators outside children’s vaccine hospital

Cooper stated taking up signs and posters within view of people entering clinics could also be held unlawful following the act.

Cooper stated that so far, RCMP are “educating” rebels regarding the latest rules, though penalties for crimes can also include imprisonment and a $2,300 fine. Source –

“Arrest would be the last resort,” Cooper stated. “In Prince George, we’ve been very fortunate that our protesters have been peaceful in nature and they do respond to police education quite readily.”

Cooper also stated police are informed of upcoming vaccine clinic dates and will be conducting patrols to secure the current laws are obeyed.

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