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COVID-19 is a significant problem for students at UBC’s offline exams


Key takeaways: 

  • Student society gives public letters contacting for the revocation of offline exams.
  • Multiple students have voiced worry over in-person exams planned for this weekend at the University of British Columbia, stating exam spaces are filled amid a hike in COVID-19 cases.

UBC’s offline exams leave students in worry: 

Worries over hundreds of students being shrunk tightly together in exam halls while individuals with COVID-19 symptoms could show up to write finals has started a call for the revocation of offline exams at the University of British Columbia.

The university’s Alma Mater Society gave a public letter to the administration stating students have come along voicing worries about the shortage of distancing in exam halls, as well as symptomatic students attending these exams.

Eshana Bhangu, the society’s vice president of academic and university matters, declared an “overwhelming” number of students have come out to share their problems. Source –

She stated the society has attended of small social distancing, individuals testing positive and following exams, as well as students being pushed to sit on the floor and write their exams due to a shortage of area.

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UBC’s offline exams leave students in worry as covid cases spike

“I’m peeking for the university to demonstrate some leadership,” Bhangu stated in an interview. Source –

She added that the university was capable of a fast transition to online learning when the pandemic first started.

“I understand there are logistical challenges, but they’ve shown they can do it before,” Bhangu stated. “It’s a case of being willing.” Source –

The proposals come after the University of Victoria revoked offline exams with a day’s news due to a COVID-19 outbreak caused by the favourably transmissible Omicron variant. Other universities across the nation, including Queen’s University, have also accomplished the exact.

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