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Coastal-GasLink failed to fix approximately 2 dozen environmental breaches along the pipeline-track

Coastal GasLink

Key takeaways: 

  • The pipeline plan failed to fix continuing difficulties recognised a year ago that could harm waterways.
  • An environment official examines debris in water downstream from a Coastal GasLink pipeline junction, from an examination report from the B.C. Environmental Assessment Office.

Pipeline quandaries can harm waterways: 

Officials have weakened many, ongoing environmental breaches by Coastal GasLink that could harm delicate waterways near the pipeline’s path through northern B.C.

Inspectors with B.C.’s Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) stated Coastal GasLink failed to comply with regulations in 2020 to fix approximately two dozen deposit and corrosion problems on streams and wetlands. 

The pipeline plan has been struck with two enforcement orders to fix the quandaries, after failing to comply with the circumstances of the environmental grants that enable the pipeline to be made.

The November plans were approved by the EAO’s senior compliance and enforcement officer. They need the multibillion-dollar pipeline plan to take steps to manage erosion and stop debris from penetrating delicate waterways. 

According to Coastal GasLink, its 670-kilometre pipeline track spans nearly 625 streams, creeks, rivers and lakes, including important fish environments.

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Sediments near pipeline routes harm waterways

The deposit has the potential to degrade the biological potency of aquatic systems and choke fish eggs.

In a printed statement to the media, Coastal GasLink stated it took “immediate action to remedy the EAO reports’ findings of non-compliance.”

Spokesperson Natasha Westover stated Coastal GasLink considers the EAO’s findings, but that they express “a snapshot at the time of the inspection.” Source –

“Erosion and sediment control is dynamic and changes constantly. We adapt along the way and are constantly evaluating,” she stated. Source –

The EAO posted the non-compliance applications openly only days before the RCMP seized 30 Wet’suwet’en members and supporters blockading a remote Coastal GasLink work camp that housed almost 500 pipeline operators.

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