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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

B.C. university student wounded in an alleged homophobic attack at a party


Key takeaways: 

  • Spencer Frey says he took homophobic insults before being hit numerous times by partygoers.
  • Vancouver Island University student Spencer Frey said he was the target of an unprovoked homophobic assault at an off-campus party late Saturday night. 

A student at Vancouver Island University was wounded Saturday night in what he says was an unprovoked homophobic attack at an off-campus party in Nanaimo.

Spencer Frey, 19, who openly identifies as gay, informed CBC News that he and a mate had attended a house party with other students where alcohol was being drunk. Several attendees he didn’t identify with verbally and sexually attacked him throughout the night. 

Frey said the problem started when one young man called him “despicable” and spoke a homophobic insult. 

Sometime later, another man came and groped his rear end, “which made me so uncomfortable,” said Frey, adding the person licked his lips suggestively at him before walking away. 

“I was in a fright,” said Frey. “I couldn’t even speak anything. Normally, I’m the kind of person who would go wild.” 

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A student at Vancouver Island University was wounded Saturday night

The attacks escalated, Frey said, when a third young man came to him, charging him with staring, and then hit Frey in the face when he refused the accusations.

Frey said he was struck to the ground, and he sustained more impacts to the face before he and his friend managed to escape the house — without his shoes.

As an outcome of the attacks, Frey said he was left with a bloated face, black eye, wounds to his mouth, and bruises on his neck where, he says, somebody tried to choke him with his collar. 

Nanaimo RCMP probing

Nanaimo RCMP Const. Gary O’Brien confirms police are probing the happening but could not give further points.

At the party, Ella McNeill, Frey’s friend, said she couldn’t believe what she saw as she supported him to escape the house while a handful of partygoers were still trying to strike him.

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