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B.C. Premier Horgan apologizes after abusing on the floor of B.C. Legislature


Key takeaways: 

  • Horgan was heard saying ‘ah, f–k’ at the end of the question period concentrating on the region’s family doctor situation.
  • B.C. Premier John Horgan apologized for using swearing at the end of the question time on Monday while answering a question regarding the region’s family doctor concern. 

B.C. Premier John Horgan has apologized for abusing on the legislature’s floor on Monday, at the end of a restless question period concentrating on health care.

Horgan was responding to a question from Trevor Halford, MLA for Surrey-White Rock, about the region’s family doctor situation, which has left almost a million British Columbians without their doctor.

Halford had earlier blamed Horgan for accusing the federal government of the region’s health care woes, then stood up to protect himself and said he never aimed to blame the feds.

But after being mocked a few times, Horgan began to shout straight at the opposition bench.

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B.C. Premier John Horgan has apologized for abusing on the legislature’s floor

“Do you want to hear it? Do you want to hear it, or do you want to listen to your voice? Why don’t you go in the restroom and talk to yourself?” Horgan questions. “You don’t want to hear solutions in this place. Seriously … Do you care, or do you want to hear yourself? Do you want a headline, or do you want a measure? Ah, f–k.”

The question period ended soon after that, with Speaker Raj Chouhan calling for the members to abstain from making disputes personal and saying, “Let’s act like adults, please.”

Horgan initially posted a comment on his Twitter account, saying, “If my mom were still around, she’d be on her way to the legislature with a line of Irish Spring [soap].”

But the premier returned subsequently to the legislature to make a complete apology.

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