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B.C. asks citizens of the region’s North Coast to plan for drastic climate

Key takeaways: 

  • Alerts arrive as other areas in B.C. work to heal from severe climate. 
  • B.C. Environment Canada is anticipating hefty rainfalls for the regions.

Extreme weather anticipated in some regions of BC: 

British Columbia is urging citizens along the region’s North Coast to be set for the critical climate this weekend.

Environment and Climate Change Canada announced a list of warnings and special climate comments for the northern half of the region.

The special climate report for the North Coast stated Prince Rupert could record up to 150 millimetres of rainfall by Monday morning. Haida Gwaii is also anticipated to get up to 60 mm of rain.

Other regions hinterland could see up to 20 cm of snow by Sunday afternoon.

The River Forecast Centre announced a flood lookout for the North Coast, including Haida Gwaii, Prince Rupert, Kitimat, Hartley Bay, Kemano and surrounding regions.

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The rural government urged citizens in these regions to plan for stormy climate by emptying gutters on houses, checking nearby storm flows for blockages, collecting valuables in water-tight receptacles in case of flooding and having an emergency map.

The caution over possible critical climate comes as other areas in B.C. strive to heal from severe climate last weekend that cut off highways, flooded farmland and ordered clearings.

This week there were issues about if the region had done sufficient leading into the Remembrance Day weekend to notify citizens over the possible repercussions of severe climate.

The climate system hammering the North Coast is anticipated to move south on Monday to sections that were already unprotected to the earlier flooding, Environment and Climate Change Canada stated. But forecasters stated the climate system should decrease as it goes south.

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