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Areas hammered solid by flooding also deal with local COVID-19 limitations

Key takeaways: 

  • B.C. Govt request flooding evacuees to get Vaccines. 
  • For those evacuating regions of British Columbia struck by rain and flooding, seeing COVID-19 limitations may not be a top priority.

BC people evacuated from floods ordered to be vaccinated: 

As tensions gather up in B.C., health deparment are requesting evacuees and those providing care that COVID-19 is still of high concern, especially in areas affected by flooding, and care must be considered to reduce transmission.

Citizens in the Fraser Valley and B.C.’s Interior left their houses earlier this week due to increasing floodwaters generated by an extreme atmospheric river. COVID-19 protection rules were not top of mind for several people; protecting their families, cattle and houses took an example.

Both those regions have been following local COVID-19 limitations due to their rates of disease transmission.

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Fraser Health East, which includes Abbotsford, Aggasiz, Hope, Boston Bar, Chilliwack, Mission and Harrison Hot Springs, has limitations in point for all who are not completely vaccinated, including borders on indoor private parties, which are restricted to one home plus five guests or one other house, and private parties outside at separate homes are restricted to your home plus up to 10 guests, all of whom must wait for outdoor. 

Indoor private gatherings in Interior Health are also restricted to five other people or one other home, and outdoor private gatherings are capped at 50 individuals. 

Health Minister Adrian Dix states he was concerned about COVID-19 transmission in those areas before flooding and evacuations occurred, and it resumes to be of high concern.

He tells his team has been in communication with Emergency Management B.C. (EMBC), the company that organises the rural answer to emergencies and accidents, to assure COVID-19 protection regards were discerned.

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