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Abbotsford supports a proposal to repair flood mitigation systems in the city


Key takeaways: 

  • The plan will probably cost more than $2 billion and will be sent to higher levels of government for permission.
  • The City council has authorized a plan that would significantly revamp the flood mitigation infrastructure in the Fraser Valley city.

Abbotsford council has endorsed a plan to significantly rebuild its flood prevention systems to control a one-in-200-year flooding accident in the Fraser Valley city.

The move arrives seven months after many areas of the city, 72 kilometers east of Vancouver, were flooded in November. Hundreds were forced to run their homes, and valuable farm crops were destroyed.

Since the disaster hit, Abbotsford Mayor Henry Braun has been calling on the federal and regional governments to help the city rebuild and flood mitigation measures.

On Monday, the city council unanimously backed a motion by staff that would aim to make a new pump station and new dikes, among other large-scale investments. It came after two months of consultation with citizens.

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“Time is of the essence here,” Braun informed CBC News. “We don’t have decades, and we don’t have another 30 years. “We’ve now got a plan to consider everything we have learned over the previous 30 years.”

The city will now send the plan to the area for funding support. If funding is agreed upon, construction can begin on the new mitigation measures, including designated places for floodwaters to flow, known as floodways. 

An exact dollar figure wasn’t made available by the city team on Monday because the massive overhaul plan endorsed by the city was a synthesis of numerous previous projects that were sent for public consultation.

Braun told CBC News that the plan would cost more than $2 billion. The most expensive public plan was set to cost $2.8 billion.

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