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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Gord Downie’s spouse, Kaya Usher, publicizes debut album, releasing Nov. 17

Key points: 

  • Usher is joined by two of her and Downie’s kids on this 10 songs launch. 
  • Kaya Usher, spouse of Tragically Hip Frontman Gord Downie, will make her musical debut on Nov. 17 with her first-ever album named ‘All This Is.’ 

Kaya Usher’s musical debut with the album ‘All This Is:’ 

Kaya Usher, the partner of the late Gord Downie, has declared her debut album as a recording artist. 

The album, named ‘All This Is’, will be launched on Nov. 17 via Arts & Crafts Productions, the similar tag behind Gord Downie’s last single albums including 2017’s “Introduce Yourself,” which won the 2018 Juno Award for adult alternative album of the year. 

Present, Usher is debuting her first solo, “Heart Clicks,” a track about “the transcending power of love and the ways in which it unites humanity,” according to a press release. Source –

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‘All This Is’ was produced by Broken Social Scene’s Kevin Drew and Nyles Spencer, both of whom were recurrent collaborators of Downie. It was also acquired by Grammy Award winner Emily Lazar and features backup vocals from Andrea Nann and two of Usher and Downie’s kids, Lou and Willo. Source –

The plan is formally called Kaya Usher and the Family Band, as Usher states: “This is a very personal album for me, not only because I get to jam out with my kids, but also because music has helped me to rise up and transcend what was holding me back. Everyone can connect to music. My hope is that this album helps others reach new heights too.”  Source –

The album was recorded at the Tragically Hip’s Bathhouse Recording Studio closer to Kingston, Ont. The album fine art was planned by Willo. 

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