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YouTuber and Artist Influencer Matthew Rodriguez, aka TapWater’s ability in Storytelling, Gains him Incredible Success

TapWater highlights how a journey to success is always harder than it looks, but keeping at it and focusing on one’s goals can change the game for the better.

It is quite easy for people to share their opinions and views about various things and topics in life, advising others on how they should get going in their careers to build a strong momentum in their niches. However, in the end, every individual needs to walk his path alone, understand what he seeks in life and work accordingly towards fulfilling his goals. There are many success stories today that consist of people who, as self-taught and self-motivated individuals and professionals, attained success thriving on their passion and, most importantly, on resilience to reach where they are today. YouTuber and artist influencer Matthew Rodriguez, aka TapWater, did the same and thus was able to make a special place for himself in the hearts of his audiences, which mainly consists of young kids.

The journey has been long for him, and though challenging, it was all worth it, he says. TapWater, who hails from Florida, the US, with his entertaining and family-friendly Roblox videos, not only has tried to bring smiles on the faces of his viewers but also spread much positivity. Over the years, right since the time he was a kid when he started creating videos and content, TapWater says how incredible the experience has been thus far, where he has learned so many things and also understood how success is a lot harder than it looks. 

He has noticed that various content creators think and work with the notion that they could create quick success as YouTubers and content creators by just joining a game, pressing record and boom in 20 minutes they are done creating the “content” they want, but this definitely is much far from reality. To create compelling content, one needs to immerse himself in the whole content creation process and work with the aim to attain gradual success and not quick success. This helps them in hanging in there, even amidst the storms, and keeps giving them the motivation to be better each day as creators.

TapWater (@tapwater) also thrives high with a robust team he has created now, which helps in management and making sure everyone stays on track. People may love what they do, but they must also accept that the journey they have chosen to tread on can come along with several challenges, and to avoid getting burned out and stop creating, they must resiliently move ahead in their respective journeys, explains the young YouTuber and artist influencer.

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