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Kylie Jenner hit with accusations she’s profiting off the pandemic

New hand sanitizer ‘feels like a spiritual successor to the (Kendall) Jenner Pepsi commercial’

Not everyone is buying what Kylie Jenner is selling.

The 23-year-old fashion mogul has been hit with criticism that she’s “profiting from the pandemic” after she announced the launch of her branded Kylie Skin hand sanitizer.

“My @kylieskin hand sanitizer is here!! 80% alcohol, fast drying, and formulated with glycerin to prevent dryness!’” Jenner tweeted this week to announce the launch of her new product.

While some followers praised her for the initiative, pointing to her donations of hand sanitizer cleansers to California hospitals at the start of the pandemic last year, others were more critical.

“I knew I had a reason to not like Kylie Jenner,” one person tweeted, while another added, “Kylie really made Kylie Skin hand sanitizer…………. Let’s profit off a pandemic.”

A third person joked that the product “feels like a spiritual successor to the (Kendall) Jenner Pepsi commercial,” referring to a 2017 ad that featured Kylie’s sister that was lambasted for trivializing the Black Lives Matter movement.

Others questioned the efficacy of using the product due to some doctors recommending using hand sanitizers with at least 90% alcohol.

But Kylie was unmoved by the critics, instead sharing her first sexy photo shoot of 2021 to her Instagram page, posing in a plunging top and shorts with the caption, “mommy goose.”

Forbes named Jenner 2020’s highest paid celebrity after she sold off 51% of her Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Skin brands to beauty giantCoty, Inc.

Her half-sister Kim Kardashian followed suit, pocketing $200 million in a deal to part with 20% of her KKW Beauty brand earlier this week.

Jenner debuted her beauty brand in 2015 using her earnings from modelling and Keeping Up With the Kardashians to launch her first set of lip kits.

“Before I even refreshed the page, everything was sold out,” she later told Forbes.

Despite her financial generosity early in the pandemic (in addition to donating hand sanitizer, Kylie also pledged $1 million to support coronavirus relief initiatives), the Jenner-Kardashian clan found themselves a target during the pandemic for showcasing Kendall and Kim’s extravagant birthday celebrations on social media.

Rock legend Peter Frampton was one of the most vocal critics, tweeting, “People are going to food banks not private islands.”

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