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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

If Luxury Watches are an Art, meet the Artist behind it

Lorenzo Ruzza is someone who began with marketing luxury watches online and today has reached dizzying heights of success.

Lorenzo was once a webmaster as he was designing and building websites for his customers. Somehow, he realized that he was passionate about luxury watches which he has adored since his childhood. He used to dream about wearing those beautiful luxury watches since his early days and was always drawn towards them. Later on, Lorenzo started marketing those luxury watches on the web as he was already acquainted with their workings. After selling the first twenty watches online, he realized that he has great potential to become a luxury watches dealer and think of making this his full-time profession. Lorenzo started a store in downtown Milan named “Ruzza Orologi – La Bottega del Tempo” in 2017, where he started selling and exhibiting the best quality and certified luxury watches.

Currently, he makes use of social media to sell his watches. Also, he uses the web as well as main search engines where he gets maximum sales. His sales exceed €100,000 every day, which is phenomenal. His variety of luxury watches has drawn many famous and well-known people to his store. Lorenzo is known for his unique and original collection of luxury watches, and his work strategy helps him be at the top of the business. 

He provides many watches and suggests the best products and investments to his clients, who are extremely happy to rely on him when investing their capital in luxury products. Besides, he has established a large network in the past three years and reached seven million in turnover. 

Some watches start from a few thousand and go up to €150,000. As he possessed years of experience as an expert webmaster, it was easy for him to find his customers online and make his venture a success. He has an excellent team for watch selection, sales, ordering and security, taking his business to greater heights. During the course of his business, he faced many difficulties like thefts and other setbacks, which he overcame and emerged a winner.

When asked about his plans, Lorenzo says he wishes to expand his business in the coming two years by expanding his luxury watches’ collection in limited series.

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