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Wednesday, November 29, 2023



Rocker and Canadian music veteran Jerry Doucette passes away at 70 

Key takeaways: 

  • ‘His tune will live on eternally,’ says Juno-winning singer’s son.
  • B.C. singer Jerry Doucette has a vinyl replica of his triumph album, Mama Let Him Play, backstage in April 2016 after a music eve in Thunder Bay, Ont. 

Vancouver guitarist and musician Jerry Doucette passed away at age 70 on Monday.

His son said that the Juno-winning rocker behind the 1977 famous single Mama Let Him Play passed surrounded by family after a fight with cancer.

Fellow Vancouver singer Dalannah Gail Bowen was one of Doucette’s live backup musicians in the 1970s.

“I was a Doucette girl,” she disclosed to CBC News. “When Jerry set the guitar on, it was supernatural — he brought it to another level … He learned how to work for a crowd.”

“With Mama Let Him Play, he went nationwide. It transformed his life and his connection with music.”

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Vancouver guitarist and musician Jerry Doucette passed away at age 70 on Monday

‘Such iconic tunes — and an amiable man’

The album featuring his Billboard Top-100 hit single achieved platinum certification. People who know Doucette define him as style, fascinating on stage, and doggedly constant.

Longtime bandmate Mark Ibarra stated the Doucette band’s original lineup was his primary motivation as a drummer. When Ibarra drove to Vancouver over two decades back, his one expectancy was to play with the icon.

“As a child, when I first began playing drums, I used to play along to Jerry’s albums,” Ibarra told CBC News. 

“One day, Jerry phoned me and said, ‘OK, you’re coming with me’ … When Jerry called, I would always say yea.”

His son told CBC News his father’s tune “will live on eternally.”

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Music megastar David Foster gets Governor General’s Award

Key takeaways: 

  • Foster sits down with CBC’s Gloria Macarenko to chat regarding his career next.
  • Foster is one of this year’s receivers of the Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards. 

Governor General’s award goes to David Foster: 

If you’ve ever heard of Céline Dion, Jennifer Lopez, or Whitney Houston, then you’ve had the joy of listening to David Foster’s producing mastery.

But the 72-year-old is also a pianist and a composer, and now he’s operating on a lyric.

On Wednesday, Foster — who rose in Victoria, B.C. — was announced as one of this year’s receivers of the Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards, alongside writer and playwright Tomson Highway and fellow British Columbian Crytal Pite, a choreographer and dancer. They began her professional career as a portion of Ballet B.C.

Foster talked to CBC’s On The Coast host Gloria Macarenko regarding the honor, his music career, and why, in his 70s, he’s appreciating the life of being a touring singer.

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David Foster wins the Governor General’s award

When you were beginning out as a professional singer — and this goes back to your teens, we have to highlight that — did you have a long-term plan?

Those who are fortunate enough to understand that we want to do something are a big break for sure.

 I’ve always liked to make music, but I had no idea where it would take me, like [for] a lot of individuals, the goalpost keeps rolling. And as long as you keep that goalpost shifting, I think you’re in fine shape, but I’ve attempted to do that.

Do you feel more or less emotional to your older songs as time parts?

Less. I do. I do feel less. You’re less worried regarding pretty much everything. And so you get more nostalgic about what you’ve done.

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Families reject Travis Scott’s proposal to pay for funerals

Key takeaways: 

  • 10 people dead following a mob rush during Scott’s concert the previous month.
  • Many families of the 10 people who died from wounds in the crush of fans at the festival have refused a proposal by headliner Scott to pay for their loved ones’ funeral expenses.

Travis Scott’s funeral was refused by their families: 

Various families of the 10 people who died from wounds in a bulky mob rush at the Astroworld Festival have rejected a proposal by headliner Travis Scott to pay for their loved ones’ funeral expenses.

Attorneys for the families of four of the victims stated Tuesday that they got a letter from Scott’s lawyer, Daniel Petrocelli, in which the proposal was presented.

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In a letter sent Nov. 24 to the attorneys for the family of nine-year-old Ezra Blount, Petrocelli stated Scott continued his “deepest sympathies and condolences” to Ezra’s father, Treston Blount, and Scott had needed to reach out individually “but does not wish to impose on Mr Blount’s privacy during his time of grieving.” Source –

Ezra was the most youthful person to die from injuries suffered during Scott’s performance at the sold-out festival on Nov. 5 that was attended by 50,000 people. The others who died varied in age from 14 to 27. Several 300 people were treated at the festival site and 13 were hospitalized.

“Travis is ravaged by the disaster that happened at the Astroworld Festival and grieves for the families whose loved ones died or were wounded. Travis is committed to doing his part to help the families who have suffered and begin the long process of healing in the Houston community,” Petrocelli addressed. Source –

Gord Downie’s spouse, Kaya Usher, publicizes debut album, releasing Nov. 17

Key points: 

  • Usher is joined by two of her and Downie’s kids on this 10 songs launch. 
  • Kaya Usher, spouse of Tragically Hip Frontman Gord Downie, will make her musical debut on Nov. 17 with her first-ever album named ‘All This Is.’ 

Kaya Usher’s musical debut with the album ‘All This Is:’ 

Kaya Usher, the partner of the late Gord Downie, has declared her debut album as a recording artist. 

The album, named ‘All This Is’, will be launched on Nov. 17 via Arts & Crafts Productions, the similar tag behind Gord Downie’s last single albums including 2017’s “Introduce Yourself,” which won the 2018 Juno Award for adult alternative album of the year. 

Present, Usher is debuting her first solo, “Heart Clicks,” a track about “the transcending power of love and the ways in which it unites humanity,” according to a press release. Source –

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‘All This Is’ was produced by Broken Social Scene’s Kevin Drew and Nyles Spencer, both of whom were recurrent collaborators of Downie. It was also acquired by Grammy Award winner Emily Lazar and features backup vocals from Andrea Nann and two of Usher and Downie’s kids, Lou and Willo. Source –

The plan is formally called Kaya Usher and the Family Band, as Usher states: “This is a very personal album for me, not only because I get to jam out with my kids, but also because music has helped me to rise up and transcend what was holding me back. Everyone can connect to music. My hope is that this album helps others reach new heights too.”  Source –

The album was recorded at the Tragically Hip’s Bathhouse Recording Studio closer to Kingston, Ont. The album fine art was planned by Willo. 

Alanis Morissette is operating on the latest ABC sitcom motivated by her life

Key points: 

  • The singer will be writing the latest track for the show, named Relatable. 
  • Though the story and the characters of the latest sitcom will be fictitious and non-biographical, the story will be generally based on Alanis Morissette’s life. 

Alanis Morissette’s new sitcom which is based on her life: 

The latest ABC sitcom based on the life of Alanis Morissette is in functioning, and the singer will be an executive producer in inclusion to writing the latest tracks for the show. 

Named relatable, the sitcom will “parody the family life of a ’90s rock legend,” according to Deadline, and it will be conned by Marlon Co-creator Cristopher Moynihan and Goldbergs overseeing producer Elizabeth Beckwith. The show will accompany the life of a 40-something-year-old woman whose prompt years were spent as an international celebrity, “famous for her self-penned anthems of female rage and teen angst,” as described in Deadline. The woman’s three kids, however, do not connect with her the way millions of fans used to. Source –

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This declaration comes several months after Morissette separated herself from a recent documentary launched about her life. Right prior to the HBO documentary Jagged premiering at the Toronto international film festival, Morissette, who was largely interviewed for the movie, stated “This was not the story I agreed to tell.” She didn’t specify what she took issue with within the documentary. 

Morissette’s record-shattering and seminal album, Jagged Little Pill, turned 26 this year. The singer’s newest and ninth album, Such Pretty Forks In The Road, was released in 2020, and Morissette is presently a judge on Fox’s singing rivalry show Alter Ego. 

Rising Singer Mighloe channels all her blazing sentiments through an R&B alter-ego

Key points: 

  • The Pickering, Ont., Singer clears about her proceeding journey of musical self-discovery. 
  • Mighloe is in travellers mode right now. 

Mighloe’s blazing emotions channelling through R&B alter ego: 

The Pickering, Ont., R&B performer is presently calling from London, England, where she just landed some hours ago, and while she is dazed from the jet lag she seems to be twinkling with excitement to tour the culture of a brand new city. 

This marks one of her solemn business tours, one as an artist looking to discover innovation, and collaborators, for the latest music. 

Growing Up, Wheeler did not recognize singing could convert into a real career. In her mind, you had to be “one of the chosen ones,” like her role model Whitney Houston, Janis Joplin or Otis Redding, to become an expert artist. But approximately five years ago, a light bulb blew off: Wheeler entered a recording studio for the first time and finished a song. That incident, plus the words of heartening from those who heard her song, pushed her to know that chasing a career in music was very much a probability. 

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As an outcome of that epiphany, Wheeler chose to drop out of post-secondary school, where she was learning Criminal Justice, and look out for people and programs that could aid her to construct a craft. 

She registered in the Remix Project, A Toronto corporation that assists young people from marginalized and under-served communities who are attempting to enter into imaginative industries and whose alumni include Wondagurl, FrancisGotHeat and Jessie Reyez. 

“That’s what really shaped Mighloe,” Wheeler explains, often considering her artist name as a brave and fearless alter ego in contrast to the more brooding side she retreats to in her day-to-day life. “[The Remix Project] really taught me everything that comes with being an artist because there’s more than just writing music and putting it out. They taught me a level of competence that I didn’t have before and taught me how to enter a room and make myself known in those spaces.” Source –

Comedy, classical music Christmas super weekend coming to NACC

The Northern Arts and Cultural Centre will host a double-act, super weekend of comedy and classical music on Dec. 12-13. 

Although the Ever Late Show: Christmas Edition! comedy event and the Gryphon Trio Celebrate Beethoven@250 Watch Party events are catered to different audiences, NACC executive director Marie Coderre said she’s trying to cater to as wide an audience as possible leading up to the holiday season.Advertisement

Martin Rehak, right, throws flowers to the crowd with Skye Plowman at a summer performance at the Willideh traditional site. Baby Brian Weadick performs in the background. Rehak and Plowman will be back on Dec. 12 for a Christmas comedy show. 

“We’re trying to target two different crowds and we tried to find programs that could really satisfy local audiences with laughter while also celebrating a big composer,” Coderre said.

Tickets are now on sale for the Ever Late Show: Christmas Edition, to be held on Dec. 12 at 1 p.m. The event will feature Martin Rehak and JD and a lineup of comedians. 

Rehak, 36, has been part of NACC’s mentorship program for more than a year and has been among the Yellowknife-based arts performers building a community of comedians in town, said Coderre. 

“I think that during the pandemic, we really need to laugh right now and we really need funny content,” she said. “We are used to having music shows for Christmas and stuff like that, but I think  a parody comedy show around Christmas will be quite different and quite relevant in these unprecedented times.”

Marie Coderre, executive and artistic director of the Northern Arts and Cultural Centre (NACC), has organized a weekend of comedy and classical music on Dec. 12-13 to reach a broad audience ahead of the holiday season.
NNSL file photo.

The lineup will also feature comedians Skye Plowman and Emily Blake, a brief appearance by Tom Parker and other surprise acts.

The musical guest is Ryan McCord and there will also be a special appearance by David Thomas Micheal. 

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, there are only 50 spots available for the live act in the cultural centre. However, the event will be broadcast via Facebook and Northwestel later that day at 7:30 p.m. 

All sales will be online as the box office is closed and people who attend are asked to take public health precautions. 

Coderre said the show will be a Christmas-based parody and viewers are advised there could be adult content involved. 

NACC hosted a Martin Rehak event in August at the Willideh stage and he said that audiences can expect a similar performance.

“It will be like a late-night talk show format with multimedia and local acts with some silly bits in-between and sketches,” he explained. “The one at Willideh was the first of its kind that we had done and this is the next installment as a Christmas edition.”

Gryphon Trio

The same weekend will also feature a virtual concert by the Gryphon Trio on Dec. 13 at 3 p.m.  to mark the 250th birthday of musical composer Beethoven.

One of Canada’s most celebrated classical music trios, the Gryphon Trio comprises pianist Jamie Parker, cellist Roman Borys and violinist Annalee Patipatanakoon. 

Tickets are also on sale for that event. The show will include a pre-recorded performance of Beethoven’s G Major Piano Trio Op. 1, No. 2 and the Piano Trio in Bb Major, Op. 97, nicknamed the “Archduke.” 

The Gryphon Trio will be holding a virtual concert on Dec. 13. Ticket-holders will be able to participate in a question-and-answer session with the classical Canadian musicians.
photo courtesy of the Gryphon Trio official website

The event will only be seen via screen, exclusively for ticket-holders.

“All the classical music lovers will love that show and we’ll have a chance to talk to the members afterwards,” Coderre said. “I will be on stage with them on the screen and we will have a discussion and the audience will be able to ask questions. “

She said that show will be a reunion of sorts as the Gryphon Trio have toured in the NWT in the past, the last time being December 2016 as part of the Broken Hearts and Madmen Project.

“So yes, it’s good just going to be a reunion with the Gryphon Trio who have been an important asset for the community here and who have done so much for the Northwest Territories,” she said. “I’m sure they will be thrilled to to see a few patrons even though it will be just 50 people.”