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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Vacation alcohol shortages are a genuine problem in Canada, authorities alert


Key takeaways: 

  • Canada is encountering alcohol shortages ahead of the vacations due to supply chain problems. 
  • A condition prompting several regional alcohol authorities to demand consumers to shop early — or be ready to test a fresh libation.

Canada facing alcohol lacks as the supply chain problems continue:

Supply chain specialists state the stock crunch stems from problems with production, transportation and need.

Yet with much of the backlog affecting imported booze, Canadian wineries, distilleries and breweries are urging people to purchase locally.

“Our larders are full,” stated Carolyn Hurst, chair of the Ontario Craft Wineries and co-owner of Westcott Vineyards. “Every winery in Ontario has lots of product and we’re shipping every day. We have no problem getting our product to store shelves.” Source –

It’s a distinct story for imported liquor.

While several kinds of booze are completely stored, other types are running low or out of inventory overall.

A portion of the issue is production. Unfavourable climate events like fires and droughts have affected harvests in some wine-producing provinces.

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Labour needs have also shortened the production of alcohol, particularly varieties that are more reliant on manual labour.

Production has also been hamstrung by the need for packaging materials like bottles, screw lids and cans.

“Evolving consumer demand, the availability of raw materials such as glass and aluminium and challenging growing conditions in some areas of the world such as France and New Zealand have impacted some vendors’ production schedules,” Nick Nanos, chief supply chain officer for the Liquor Control Board of Ontario, stated in a current statement. Source –

“We encourage customers to shop early this year for the best selection of gifts and holiday favourites, be flexible about choice, and take the opportunity to try something new.” Source –

Meanwhile, transportation issues are also affecting alcohol availability.

An international container shortage, congestion in ports and empty sailings — when a cargo ship skips or cancels a port of call — have all donated to inventory backlogs.

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