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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Up to 10% of houses could soon be ‘uninsurable’ because of flood danger

Key takeaways: 

  • Reduction of insurance knowledge, vague real property laws and rough flood maps drop Canadians in danger.
  • Richmond Hill’s insurance firm lately told him that because of the increasing menace of weather change, his zone was no longer available for overland flood insurance.

Uninsurable homes in Canada due to climate change: 

Several homeowners are surprised by flooding because they need important knowledge acknowledgements to murky real estate laws, rough floodplain plans and an insurance enterprise stretching back from high-risk zones, Marketplace research has found.

The marketplace also found homeowners who dropped their flood security because of various parts or especially because of the increasing danger of weather change. The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) suggests it’s a condition more Canadians could see themselves in.

The IBC toldĀ MarketplaceĀ it expects that wherever from six to 10 per cent of Canadian houses are presently uninsurable due to flooding and that approximation could go up as more insurance firms renew their risk evaluations to account for the mounting menace of weather change.

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“As the risk from climate change increases, yes, more Canadians could become uninsurable,” stated Craig Stewart, vice-president, federal affairs with the IBC. Source –

According to a 2019 federal government record, Canada’s weather is heating at twice the rate of the rest of the globe, and the IBC figures that presently 1 in 10 Canadian homes is a great danger of flooding and some face probably repeated flooding across the following 20 years.

But would considered homeowners be informed about that risk? Going undercover, acting as current homebuyers in Ontario, a Marketplace team found there’s no Canada-wide call for agents or dealers to notify potential customers that they’re going into a flood-prone region. 

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