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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

The economy rose 0.8% in October, noticing growth in November, Statistics-Canada states


Key takeaways: 

  • Canadian economy published its 5th consecutive monthly growth.
  • The economy rose by 0.8% in October. 

Statistics Canada reveals gain in November:

The Canadian economy held up its bar of monthly growths in October and seems to have done so again in November, which has left the entire economic activity within a statistical inch of where it was ere COVID-19 struck.

While the labour market has since recovered from abrupt losses witnessed over March and April of 2020, the identical can’t be said of economic outcome.

Statistics Canada said Thursday that the entire economic activity in October was 0.4 per cent below the pre-pandemic levels recorded in February 2020, with a 0.8 per cent GDP increase for the month.

Preliminary data indicated another increase in November that Statistics Canada stated would leave the void at just 0.1 per cent.

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Statistics Canada reveals gain in November

BMO chief economist Douglas Porter stated bringing GDP back to where it was in February 2020 is just one economic bellwether, but wouldn’t necessarily mean a complete retrieval once accounting for where the economy should be with people expansion.

He cautioned that completing the void could take a little longer because of an anticipated knock over December and January on the back of continued public health constraints.

“It’s just one sign along the road to retrieval and … we’re probably going to have to restore more damage because of these latest restrictions in the coming year,” Porter stated. Running into the Omicron storm, the Canadian economy published its fifth consecutive monthly growth with October’s gain. The 0.8 per cent showing reached the initial estimate released the previous month. Source –

Earnings for the month were seen across most sectors, including manufacturing, whose rebound of 1.8 per cent in October almost compensate for a September compaction.

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