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Sugar shock at famous coffee chains, Sparkling water worries

Key points: 

  • Customer and health news from the week. 
  • Marketplace observed the amount of sugar in some famous beverages from McCafe, Starbucks and Tim Hortons. 

A shocking quantity of sugar in several Starbucks, McCafe and Tim Hortons drinks: 

Marketplace reviewed online nutrition information for famous beverages obtainable at McCafe, Starbucks and Tim Hortons and found drinks, including ones that might look healthy like a fruit milkshake or matcha tea latte, that hold a shocking quantity of Sugar. 

“I think people are addicted to sweets, and it’s leading to a health-care crisis,” stated hepatologist and gastroenterologist Dr Supriya Joshi, who trusts most individuals have no idea how much sugar is really in their daily dose of caffeine. Source –

Marketplace examined Perrier, LaCroix, Bubly Sparkling waters to observe which is the most acidic

Sparkling Water is not good for your teeth. Several flavours could be dangerous to oral health. 

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Everything consumed has a pH level, the lower the pH level, the greater the acidity. Foods and beverages that are acidic can pose a danger to the teeth as they can weaken a tooth’s enamel. 

The Canadian Dental Association states people should be aware of drinking several carbonated water drinks as “the higher acid levels significantly increase the risk of damage to tooth enamel and can increase the risk of erosion of the enamel and tooth decay.”  Source –

Reitman withdraws clothing from plant doubted of North Korean forced labour after probe: 

Canadian retail giant Reitmans Ltd. will withdraw from its shops all remaining inventory produced at the factory in China doubted of utilizing North Korean forced labour, according to a media release from the firm. 

“The story outlined by CBC has brought new information to light,” read the post. The longer media release on the company’s website emphasized that its previous audits of the factory had not found evidence of “any guest workers or forced labour.” Source –

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