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Search engines attempt to rival Google by showing rarer ads, more solitude

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Key takeaways: 

  • Sites like Neeva, trumpet more suitable privacy and finer outcomes than the present king of search.
  • Online search has evolved ad-filled and is mostly led by one giant.
  • Is there a tomorrow of search that brings us back to the data? 

Rivals of google showing fewer ads and more solitude: 

The name Google has evolved so synonymously with an online search that it’s evolved into a verb. Like to uncover something? Google it.

But a fresh crop of search engines is bringing a shot at the online search market, vowing to deliver an engine with more customizable alternatives, rarer ads and more care for users’ solitude. While there’s little chance of any of these upstarts becoming the next No. 1 any moment shortly, a handful has seen a little but devoted audience peeking for an option to the internet that Google maintains.

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Google’s rivals making their site more customizable and showing fewer adds

One of the most recent participants is Neeva, co-founded by Sridhar Ramaswamy, who devoured years operating as a senior vice president of promotion at Google.

“The core incident is that of going back to the roots of just being able to find the stuff you want, get on with your life and have this search engine be like a quiet ally in the background, as objected to the cacophony of the modern internet,” he said to Spark host Nora Young. Source –

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