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No need to raise the standard interest rate merely yet, Bank of Canada states

Key takeaways: 

  • The central bank sliced the rate to boost the economy when the pandemic began.
  • The Bank of Canada kept its benchmark interest rate controlled on Wednesday, stating that record-high inflation is depicting indications of chilling down.

The Bank of Canada cut down its interest rate: 

The central bank assembles eight times a year to determine where to place its trend-setting interest rate, which affects borrowers and savers on rates for mortgages, savings accounts, additionally. 

The bank sliced its rate to a record low of 0.25 per cent at the beginning of the pandemic.

Under usual cases, a central bank would increase its rate to chill down a red sizzling economy and manage inflation. It would slash its rate to enable a cold economy by boosting people and businesses to borrow and fund.

Ordinarily, increased inflation such as what’s happening in Canada and around the world right currently might make a central bank turn off the trigger taps. But in publicising its conclusion on Wednesday, the bank stated it chose to hold its rate right where it is for a short while longer yet.

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Bank Of Canada slashes down its interest rate to boost the economy

“The Bank’s extraordinary forward guidance on the path for the overnight rate is being maintained,” the bank stated. “The economy continues to require considerable monetary policy support.” Source –

While Statistics Canada details reveal that Canada’s economy increased by a strong 5.5 per cent in the third quarter, the country’s GDP is still 1.5 per cent below where it was ere the pandemic, the bank recorded.

Inflation, too, has soared, but there’s proof that supply chain issues fueling the surge in costs are beginning to relax. Gas costs, which have been a significant factor in driving up the inflation rate, are also beginning to relax. 

“Core measures of inflation are little changed since September,” the bank stated. Source –

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