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Lush Cosmetics is exiting the ‘deep and ominous alleyway’ of social media

Key takeaways: 

  • The firm will deactivate Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Snapchat account by Friday.
  • Cosmetics firm Lush is discontinuing its social media platforms in all 48 nations it runs in because its ‘resolve has been backed by data from whistleblowers who lately set out harms young people face because of social media algorithms and ‘loose control.’ 

Lush Cosmetics’ social media deactivated: 

Lush Cosmetics will deactivate its social media accounts following this week in a try to get tech firms to create online programs more protected.

The U.K. retailer, which trades bath and body goods and has a great trace in Canada, declared its plan Monday to discontinue posting on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Snapchat accounts by Friday.

The firm, which compared social media to “a dark and dangerous alleyway,” stated the deactivation choice is expected to direct consumers’ mental health difficulties and will not be changed except the platforms are created more protected. Source –

“There is now overwhelming evidence we are being put at risk when using social media,” stated Lush co-founder Mark Constantine, in a press release. Source –

“I’m not willing to expose my customers to this harm, so it’s time to take it out of the mix.” Source –

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Facebook, Instagram and TikTok denied commenting on the campaign, while Snapchat did not instantly reply to a demand for comment.

Instead of utilising the platforms, Lush will spend on different methods to connect and for now, can still be seen on Twitter and YouTube.

Lush had earlier decided to break social media in 2019 with just its U.K. accounts but got back when the COVID-19 pandemic started.

Lush is now taking back the deactivation and using it in all 48 nations it works in because its “resolve has been strengthened” by data from whistleblowers who lately laid out harms young individuals face because of algorithms and “lose control.” Source –

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