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Edward Rogers secures the battle, but that win may still price his firm

Key points: 

  • Telecom successor won the battle to take charge of the firm but now faces an uphill fight to attain his aims. 
  • The previous week, B.C.’s court decision about which Rogers Communication board was legal gave Edward Rogers a conclusive charge over the telecom giant his father, Ted, found years ago. 

Edward Rogers victory against the court battle: 

The conclusion by Rogers Communictaion Inc. to not retrial a court conclusion previous week handed firm chair Edward Rogers a crucial win in his fight for the charge of the telecom firm that carries his families name. 

Long-simmering tensions at the family-run firm revealed out into the open final month, giving normal Canadians an unequalled glance into the behind-the-scenes details at play with mighty family. 

While the decision handed the keys of the castle to Edward Rogers for the destined future, the prices associated with his victory may make for a pyrrhic win making it even tougher for him to rectify the mishandling and stock deficit that he states has plagued the firm for years. 

The legitimate costs of the battle alone are not trivial. 

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A handful of rule companies have been enlisted for one side or the other over the past few days as the drama climaxed in the previous week’s decision in a B.C. court, after a fight that laid bare the $30-billion firm’s unique ownership construction. 

With that many legitimate eagles involved, veteran corporate advocate Phil Anisman states the costs can add up rapidly. On the day the judgement was read, there were nine advocates in the court and numerous more listening into a conference call of the proceedings. 

“It wouldn’t cover everything that went back to all their discussions, negotiations and legal advice before they decided to go to court,” Anisman said in an interview. Source –

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