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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Current caller ID rule to support combat spam and spoof calls

Key takeaways: 

  • Up to one-quarter of each call on mobile networks in Canada are spam presently. 
  • Canada’s telecommunications control stated Tuesday it was launching different rules forcing phone firms to do a bigger job of weeding out so-called spoof phone calls on their networks. 

New caller ID laws all over Canada: 

Canada’s telecommunications control is beginning in a new regulation that will require phone firms to do a better job of knowing who is calling, to assist users overwhelmed by trouble phone calls from telemarketers.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) stated in a press release Tuesday that phone firms must now complete a technology on their networks that does a better job of weeding out so-called spoof phone calls, which are calls that seem like casual Canadian phone numbers they may need to answer but are undesirable spam and annoyance calls from dodgy firms.

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Beginning this month, CRTC chair Ian Scott declared that the regulator was going to force the phone firms to do more about breaking down on such calls, which he stated make up as much as 25 per cent of all phone calls on mobile networks in Canada currently. 

“Most people likely perceive spoofed calls as a nuisance,” Scott stated in a talk to a telecom conference beginning this month. Source –

“The truth is, they’re more than that. They’re gateways for criminals to dupe hard-working people out of their money and their sensitive data. And they’re relentless,” he stated, indicating data from the U.S. Federal Communications Commission that hints more than 2,100 robocalls are being made to phone users in the U.S. every moment of each day. Source –

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