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Christmas tree lacks could be year-long

Key takeaways: 

  • Several trees are being planted, as frequently severe climate also brings its toll.
  • The Bennetts, from nearby Cambridge, were out buying quick, concerned about a tree lack being inscribed in various parts of Canada. 

Christmas tree shortages all over Canada: 

With records of trees lacking over Canada this year, the Christmas tree business is predicting that low inventory could become a problem every vacation period.

“It’s not gonna get easier for the foreseeable future,” stated Shirley Brennan, the executive director of the Canadian Christmas Trees Association, which serves hundreds of tree farmers over the nation. Source –

The selling of Canadian Christmas trees have been increasing by around 15 per cent a year since 2015, told Brennan.

And except demand drops off, a Christmas tree lack is possible to stay because several trees are being planted and weather change is hitting their growth and survival.

“I can see it being ongoing,” stated Alison McCrindle, co-owner of Chickadee Christmas Trees in Puslinch, Ont. Source –

Tree dealers in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and B.C. have all reported to the media about inventory problems they’re suffering this year.

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An eager Nevesha Persad Maharaj was at Chickadee for the farm’s break day on Nov. 26 — much quicker than her family had ever bought for a tree.

We came out a couple of weeks earlier and, even for us, we were thinking it was a little bit late,” she stated.  Source –

One probably worrisome prediction for the future: The prevailing lack required Ikea Canada to cease its practice of trading live trees this year, because the retailer stated it was “unable to secure the necessary local supply.” Source –

More insufficient grounds for Christmas trees

Canada shipping about 49 per cent of the Christmas trees planted here — and largest of the trees that close up in Canadian homes are homegrown, stated Brennan. Quebec plants the most Christmas trees in the nation by far, followed by Nova Scotia, Ontario and New Brunswick.

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