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Border-Town mayors convene for an end to Canada’s Covid-19 test necessity for travellers

Key points: 

  • Mayors argue test hinders a return to touristry on both ends of the border. 
  • From now, the fully vaccinated people can travel as the US opened its border. 
  • Canada return needs a covid-19 test which is highly expensive, and it is a reason for some people not to travel back.

Mayors discussion over covid-19 test requirements for travellers: 

Some of the border-town Mayors on both ends of The Canada-US border conducted a virtual news conference on Monday morning to discuss Canada to decline in its costly covid-19 test necessity for fully vaccinated travellers. 

The conference was conducted on the same day the US eventually reopened its land border to fully vaccinated recreational travellers, after almost one year and seven months of shutdown. 

But the border-town mayors said they aren’t completely celebrating just yet, as a massive hurdle is still in the way of the travellers. When landing in Canada, they need to take a minute test, equivalent to a PCR test, which values over hundreds of dollars. 

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“Now there’s a pathway to cross, yet that pathway is dampened by an unreasonable and costly requirement for a PCR test to return to Canada,” stated Drew Dilkens, the mayor of Windsor, Ont., which borders Detroit. – source

“This PCR test requirement is a hard stop barrier for families to reunite except for the wealthiest of Canadians, and that is unfair.”

Test price will impede tourism, the group says 

Dilkens was connected at the news conference by the mayors of Niagara Falls, ONT., just as U.S. Congressman Brian Higgins and a delegate for the Hotel Association of Canada. 

They contended that while the U.S. borderline is presently open, the expense of Canada’s test prerequisite will keep on hampering a re-visitation of the travel industry on the two sides of the boundary. 

“When you tell a family it’s going to cost you another $1,000 to visit us and you won’t have any more to eat or a nicer place to stay, they choose not to [come],” said Mayor Jim Diodati of Niagara Falls, Ont. 

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