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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Victoria police detention man about sexual brutality at bar and grill

Victoria Police

Key takeaways: 

  • Police have suggested accusations of sexual attack against a suspect who was apprehended in the Lower Mainland. 
  • The Victoria Police Department has charged a months-long sexual violence issue.

The Victoria Police department arrest a male regarding sexual violence: 

Victoria police state they have charged a man following a probe that started in January following news of sexual brutality at a downtown restaurant.

In a release, police state early this year, probers knew of a series of posts over social media that had “reports of sexualized violence involving an employee of a downtown Victoria bar and grill.” Source –

Victoria police stated after questioning people with details about the posts to come forward to assist with the probe, investigators charged a suspect on Dec. 10 in the Lower Mainland.

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Victoria Police department arrests a man in relation to sexual violence

Neither the suspect nor the restaurant where the accused offences took place has been detailed. 

Victoria police stated the man charged was released with a court date and needs, which include a ban from reaching the survivors of sexual violence connected to the sexual assault accusations police have suggested.

Police are requesting anyone with details about the reports, who have not yet spoken to investigators, to call extension 1.

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