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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Trans Mountain pipeline resumes after three-week closing while B.C. storms

Key takeaways: 

  • Emergency operation is still required, including relocating parts of the pipeline. 
  • Trans Mountain Corp. responded in a statement Sunday that the pipeline has been carefully resumed.

Trans Mountain pipeline resumes: 

The Trans Mountain pipeline has resumed following a three-week alert closing during a set of storms that pounded southern British Columbia, making widespread flooding and landslides.

Trans Mountain Corp. stated in a statement the pipeline was carefully resumed Sunday after all required evaluations and restorations were performed.

It states some of that activity involved the creation of “protective earthworks” after flooding opened sections of the 1,150-km pipeline that holds 300,000 barrels per day of petroleum goods from Alberta to B.C. Source –

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Trans Mountain pipeline restarts after three weeks of closings

Trans Mountain, a federal Crown corporation, states it’s watching the pipeline on the ground, by air and through its control centre after the start.

It states further activity in the following weeks will cover the “armouring of riverbanks” and continuing ground cover or relocating parts of the pipeline. Source –

The B.C. government had urged citizens to restrict their fuel buying to 30 litres per visit to a gas station until Dec. 14 in acknowledgement of the closing, and there’s no quick word on when the rationing order will be raised.

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