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Saturday, September 30, 2023

Mudslides and flooding leave around 1100 individuals helpless in Hope

Key takeaways: 

  • The region is working to evacuate a road to join Hope to the Lower Mainland. 
  • A part of Highway 5 was wiped away by the increasing Coquihalla River closer to Hope, BC, on Monday. Floods and mudslides continue to have an extreme effect on Highways all over southern BC. 

Around 1100 individuals are stuck in the district of Hope, BC after strong rainstorms blocked all highways out of the group. 

Hefty downpours activated flooding, landslides and demolition across the previous several days around much of Southern BC. The Trans Canada Highway has been blocked in both directions for more than the whole stretch through Abbotsford and Hope. 

Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General Mike Farnworth stated 900 individuals are sleeping at Hope Secondary School and a city Church, are also being backed with eatables. 

Group members have been dropping off contributions at the secondary school, and the district has retained its public bathrooms in Memorial Park open the whole day. 

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“I want to appreciate the group for all that they are doing,” said Farnworth. Source –

Emergency Management BC is operating with the BC Wildfire Service to transfer food, water, cots and blankets to the town by air. 

While the district is presently cutting off the road in all directions, Farnworth states staff are working to evacuate a road to join Hope with The Lower Mainland. 

“One of our major priorities is making sure there’s a flow of supplies so individuals can purchase food and essential goods in areas with flooded or damaged roads and railways,” he said. “I want to appreciate the group for all that they are doing,” said Farnworth. Source –

Farnworth is in the light of a state of emergency after what he explains as a “once in a century” storm. 

No timeline for restores: 

Summer Sheeham and Tracie Fawcett reached Hope late Monday night after being stuck in two mudslides on Highway 7 for almost 36 hours. 

The women were able to slide past one of the slides and finally into Hope. 

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