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Metro Vancouver rainstorm could result in landslides, alerts expert

Key takeaways: 

  • An atmospheric river is anticipated to deliver up to 150 millimetres of rain nightly on Sunday. 
  • A ‘road flooded’ indication was placed out in Ambleside Park In West Vancouver. 
  • Rainfall cautions this weekend have climate professionals alerting the danger of landslides. 

Rainfall alerts all over Metro Vancouver: 

Landslides in the Lower Mainland are probably on Sunday and into Monday as the newest in a series of storms pummels the provision. 

A rainfall alerting was released early Sunday morning for much of Metro Vancouver, zones of the Sunshine Coast, Howe Sound, and the Fraser Valley. 

Up to 150 millimetres of rain is anticipated from Sunday to Monday morning, according to weatherpersons. 

Environment Canada meteorologists Bobby Sekhon stated the atmospheric river presently affecting the Lower Mainland is a tropical one. 

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“While this is not our first [atmospheric river] of the season, this one is unique because it is a true pineapple express, bringing up moisture from the tropics and Hawaii,” explained Sekhon.  Source –

Meteorologists are hoping freezing extents to increase on zones of higher elevation like Rogers Pass, which means there could be rainfall on the mountains where snow has so far dropped. 

“All the highway passes and the Interior … it has been warming so, it changed to rain for Whistler and it will gradually change to rain in the Interior as freezing levels climb,” stated Environment Canada meteorologist Philippe-Alain Bergeron.  Source –

According to Brent Ward, co-director for the Centre for Natural Hazards Research at Simon Fraser University, landslides can be activated by rain-saturated groups on a sheer slope, and Metro Vancouver has so far seen an unusually wet drop. 

“With these kinds of rainfall levels and how wet things are already, there will be landslides,” he stated.    Source –

“Most of the time landslides are relatively small, they don’t affect people but there have been problems in the past.”  Source –

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