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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Inter-city buses assist connect B.C. families during the vacations, amid highway journey rules


Key takeaways: 

  • Highway 3 and 99 are shut to non-essential travel.
  • Michael Hathaway poses with Mountain Man Mike’s caravan.
  • The firm’s buses drive from Nelson to Vancouver and Nelson to Calgary.

Buses from the inter-city help Canadians to connect during travel limitations: 

With non-essential travel limitations on highways 3 and 99 in impact through the vacations, inter-city buses are the only choice for visitors in B.C.’s Interior expecting to get to and from the Lower Mainland by road.

The buses are an important service in the region which means vaccination is not required and visitors do not require an important reason to utilise them.

“A lot of people haven’t seen their families in a long time, ” stated Michael Hathaway, the owner and director of Mountain Man Mike’s, “so I think it’s important right now to bring families together.” Source –

Mountain Man Mike’s is an intercity bus firm that delivers round trip assistance between Nelson and Vancouver and Nelson and Calgary.

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Intercity Buses help BC people to travel amid limitations imposed

Hathaway stated he’s been in a desperate hurry to get his bigger buses in assistance ere the vacation, as bookings have grown enormously ever since travel limitations were declared mid-November.

“Our bookings have tripled,” stated Hathaway. “A majority of our volume is on that Nelson to Vancouver corridor and Manning Park. We’re getting a ton of bookings for that area. Source –

Glenn Desjardins, the operations manager for Ebus, stated they’ve added more travel dates and times to their plans this vacation season to adjust the spike in travellers. Ebus’s three main routes are the Kelowna to Vancouver corridor, the Kamloops to Vancouver corridor and the Kamloops to Kelowna way.

“The last few days we’ve seen a lot of bookings, especially on the primary days that people want to travel like December 21st to the 24th and then again the 26th to the 30th,” he stated. “So we encourage people to book in advance.” Source –

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