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Increasing Sea level causes Town to construct St. Paul’s to withstand future-floods

Key points: 

  • It is judged that sea level will increase 50 centimetres by 2050, states sustainability expert. 
  • The building of the new St. Paul’s hospital is done in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

Sea level rises, the city needs to resist future floods: 

The building of the new St. Paul’s Hospital and Health Campus in East Vancouver’s False Creek is in development, but the project will not be completed anytime shortly as the provision requires to resist future floods that could be faced as sea level rises. 

According to a senior sustainability expert with the City Of Vancouver, infrastructures around the municipality were constructed at a time when the water level was foreseeable and there were no worries about increasing sea levels. So the town is currently not ready for what might come in the upcoming 30 days. 

“We are very vulnerable to the slow impact of sea-level rise, as well as the sudden impact of a coastal storm surge that could happen when we have a high tide and sea-level rise and that will cause overland flooding within our communities,” Angela Danyluk explained to the media.┬áSource –

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She stated the town is presently taking moves and planning for a future where sea levels are much inflated than what we visualize now. 

“We are expecting about 50 centimetres of sea-level rise by 2050 and then about 1 to 1.4 metres of sea-level rise by 2100, and there’ll be more sea-level rise coming, perhaps 200 centimetres, by 2200,” Danyluk stated. Source –

Constructing for the future: 

“We have to build to a 2050 standard and a 2100 standard,” announced Providence Health senior manager, Kevin Little. Source –

He stated as the hospital area was formerly a mud bay, building staff are drilling secant piles to construct a dam around the area and then digging down to solid till, a hard company clay, before constructing the building. 

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