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“I’m going to perish:” BC man recollects fear of being stuck in flood

Key takeaways: 

  • Jordan Jongema’s rescue from the water flooding his parent’s house took several dramatic twiddles. 
  • Jordan Jongma and his Bernese puppy Bowser were saved by a boat from a second-floor window of his parent’s home on the Sumas Prairie.

Jordan Jongema’s rescue: 

Jordan Jongema’s saved from his parent’s house during the trounce of the increasing floodwaters in Yarrow, B.C., Tuesday night took several distressing twists.

But none were more unreal than the moment, at 3:30 in the morning, when a saviour boat gulped up to his second-floor boyhood bedroom where he had huddled down with his Bernese puppy Bowser, dreading the worst.

“I heard a little motor about 500 metres away, and I … flashed my flashlight. And sure enough, it was the Coquitlam Fire Department. They see me and stated ‘hey, we’ll be there.’ And sure enough, they float right up,” he stated. Source –

“Never thought I would see a boat float by my bedroom window.” Source –

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Jongsma, who was house-sitting, stated he was conscious of the flooding in the evening but detained his leaving after reading misinformation about robbers on social media. 

By the time he did attempt to drive out, roads were flooded and blocked. So Jongema returned to his parent’s home, called 911 and watched the condition go from bad to worse.

“By 6:30 [p.m.] it was just coming through my home, through the floorboards. The carpet was wet. I could see my footprints as I’m walking in it.”  Source –

“And of course, my dog is spazzing out and my phone was starting to die … So I’m running on not only adrenaline … but fear that my phone’s going to die without properly understanding that help is going to come my way.” Source –

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