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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

First Merritt, B.C., evacuees retreat back

Key takeaways: 

  • Retreating citizens urged to restrict water usage as much as feasible, brace for ample changes. 
  • Evacuees return home after devastating floods in BC. 

Evacuees urged to reduce water usage: 

Nearly 1,500 citizens of Merritt, B.C., were permitted to retreat to their houses Tuesday, a week later the whole city of 7,000 was ordered to vacate after the Coldwater River scattered its banks and created the total collapse of the municipality’s wastewater operation. 

It was the beginning in the city’s three-step system permitting people to retreat, declared by Mayor Linda Brown on Monday.

“What you are coming home to is a city that’s changed,” Brown declared in a video statement. Source –

Turning citizens have been urged to restrict water usage as much as possible and strengthen themselves for substantial differences. Sewage treatment has been altered to sections of the city and any gas stations and grocery shops are now open. Certain features continue on abandonment warning and under a boil-water warning.

Joe and Renee Green, along with their daughter Montana, were amongst those going back Tuesday. The family had been prepared to live in their RV for the term of the clearing. 

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They saw that many others — like some who were given to Kamloops or Kelowna — did not so lucky.

“A lot of people were sleeping in their cars because they couldn’t get hotel rooms,” stated Montana.  Source –

“I feel kind of spoiled that we had this RV,” stated Joe, calculating that he felt “kind of guilty, all warm and cosy” while others relaxed in their vehicles.  Source –

Expecting to go back 

That’s not the identical condition for Cherylle Douglas. 

Douglas had been cooped up in a camper with five grown-ups, 10 dogs and four pet birds for eight days when she talked to CBC News on Monday. Douglas told the trailer park she has resided in for 15 years was covered by the Coldwater River.

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