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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Federal abetment reaches BC as the region begins reconstructing from floods

Key takeaways: 

  • Abbotsford mayor approximates price label for repairing destructed infrastructure in town could reach $1B. 
  • The shutdown of Highway 1 in the Fraser Valley, along with the block of other highways around the region, means the Lower Mainland is closely cut off from the remaining of the region.

Federal assistance reaches British Columbia: 

British Columbia has started the mammoth job of judging destruction to its transportation networks, infrastructure and dozens of properties along the southern part of the region aftermath of destructive floods. The region also anticipates the death tally to increase. 

Thousands of individuals remain out of their houses and thousands of farm animals and livestock were also endangered as waters washed away houses and left farms under metres of water as the region announced a state of emergency on Wednesday.

The flooding was caused by a record downpour the previous weekend.

The state of emergency will be for two weeks and might be extended. It grants the government greater charge oversupply multiples, as access to Metro Vancouver lasts constrained by destructed highways.

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In addition to the state of emergency, the region said Thursday that those impacted by the floods will be entitled to funding assistance. Disaster Financial Assistance is obtainable for anyone impotent to gain insurance to cover disaster-related losses, and applications are open until Feb. 12, 2022.

A handful of Canadian Armed Forces members have reached the region to aid, the first of what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has stated could be some hundred troops. 

The Canadian Joint Operations Command states nine members of the Edmonton-based 3 Canadian Division Immediate Response Unit reached B.C. overnight to begin scoping out the scene before organizing and coordinating ongoing consolation efforts.

One woman has been confirmed killed in a mudslide on Highway 99, but B.C. Premier John Horgan stated he hopes authorities to confirm more deaths in the next few days.

Thousands of animals have died in the floods and the government states it will work to get veterinarians into farms to medicate animals. Several of the animals that escaped the floods are anticipated to be euthanized.

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