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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Evacuation order discontinues for part of Abbotsford, the city reveals ‘Return Home’ program

Abbotsford city

Key takeaways: 

  • About 240 properties in the north region of the Sumas Prairie can return home beginning Friday.
  • Residents in the northern section of the city will be able to retreat home while others continue under an evacuation command.

Part of Abbotsford’s city can go back home: 

Several Abbotsford citizens will be able to retreat home after the city raised an evacuation order for a part of the Sumas Prairie as part of a “Return Home” plan revealed on Friday. Source –

In a press conference, Abbotsford Mayor Henry Braun raised an evacuation order for about 240 properties in the north of the city active instantly, as floodwaters dropped 12 inches — 30 centimetres — across the preceding 24 hours in the Sumas Prairie. “I want you to know our focus now is taking you house safely,” Braun stated.  Source –

As a portion of the Return Home plan, four main sectors have been recognised where evacuation orders will start to raise: north, lake bottom, central and south. Data is also given about available routes and the availability of fresh water and additional supports.

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Return home
Return Home map

Citizens of the north section will now be able to retreat home — a region sandwiched by the Sumas Canal on the south and the Vedder Canal on the north, within the Sumas River on the west and Boundary Road on the east. However, a “do not use water” warning is still in force, expecting water can only be utilised for flushing toilets.  Source –

Assistance like garbage and debris control and a fresh drinking water supply station placed near the junction of No. 2 and Boundary Roads will be open for citizens in the region beginning at 8 a.m. Saturday.

“With the lifting of this order we are asking everyone to exercise extreme caution as they make their way through this newly opened area, especially over the next few days, as we have snow in our forecast,” Braun stated.  Source –

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