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Drivers advised to slow down as units hurry to fix B.C. roads


Key takeaways: 

  • Snow, rain and freezing temperatures have made the ideal circumstances to pop a tire.
  •  The city tells it is dealing with “hundreds and hundreds” of the holes made by the current snow, cold and serious rain.

The teams in BC rush to fix the roads damaged by rain: 

If you have driven on British Columbia’s South Coast lately you would be hard-pressed to not notice a pothole.

The province has been struck with a real roller-coaster ride of climate this winter, and now, the results are playing out on the roads where newly-created craters are posing a difficult threat to motorists.

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The citizens of BC urged to drive slow as the teams rush to fix roads with potholes

Potholes form when water gets into gaps in the road and cuts the base of gravel and soil. Without that base, the asphalt becomes weaker as vehicles pass over it. Current chilly temperatures rushed up the pothole-making process because ice expands and contracts and breaks the cracks broader.

“That’s kind of led to the ultimate, or the ideal, conditions for potholes to develop,” stated Matt Brown, streets manager for the City of Surrey, talking Thursday on CBC’s The Early Edition. Brown stated Surrey municipal teams are presently dealing with “hundreds and hundreds” of holes, far more than they usually average at this time of year. Source –

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