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Dozens of animals have died on flooded BC fields in ‘agricultural disaster.’ 

Key points: 

  • Hopeless farmers were forced to abandon animals as roads disappeared beneath them: minister. 
  • Cows that were abandoned in a flooded barn are rescued in Abbotsford, BC, on Tuesday. 
  • The region states thousands of animals have been killed by the flooding in southern BC across the previous few days. 

Animals dead in BC due to floods: 

Thousands of animals have died caused by the extreme floodings destructing farmlands in southern BC, across the last several days, the region confirmed Tuesday. 

The Ministry of Agriculture stated the government is dashing to get veterinarians to “many more” animals that are still caught and in danger of dying. 

Nearly in tears, Agriculture Minister Lana Popham stated Wednesday she had heartbreaking FaceTime talks with farmers in Abbotsford, BC, who have spoken to her from their sheds with dead animals visible in the background. 

“It is a very tough time for our producers,” she told a news conference, describing what’s happened as an “agricultural disaster.”¬†Source –

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She stated hopeless farmers whose lands were flooded attempted to move their animals by boat, but some had to be abandoned. Even some of those who were ferried out of sheds are in poor situation, and euthanizations will take place in the next few days. 

“I can also tell you that many farmers tried to move animals and then had to walk away because the roads were disappearing beneath them,” Popham said. Source –

“The animals that are getting moved through those water flows have been able to make it to a safe spot, but to tell you the truth, they’re not in good shape when they get there.”¬† Source –

Abbotsford, known for its rich farmland, is house to around half of all the diary fields in BC. 

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