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Coquihalla highway could reopen earlier than anticipated, states B.C. transportation minister


Key points: 

  • The expedition will be for commercial automobiles only.
  • Coquihalla highway may open earlier, says Transportation minister. 

BC transportation minister says Coquihalla highway may reopen soon: 

British Columbia’s Coquihalla Highway could be unrestricted to commercial vehicles by the start of next month, Transportation Minister Rob Fleming declared Thursday.

The vital passage linking the Lower Mainland with the remainder of B.C. was impaired in 20 places during the flood occurrence in mid-November, including some bridges, some of which were ruined.

Fully shut to traffic since then, Fleming had cast at the end of November to have cargo moving on the Coquihalla by the ending of January.

 During a Thursday morning report briefing, he stated that the date has now been pushed up to the start of the new year.

According to Fleming, almost 100 pieces of weighty equipment and hundreds of workers have been going top angle since the flood to form a momentary way to move at least commercial trucks.

“We’re throwing everything we have at it,” stated Fleming. Source –

There is no set date for when the highway will resume normal traffic.

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Coquihalla highway could reopen sooner than expected

Highway 3 option

Until the Coquihalla, also known as Highway 5, is adept at bearing any traffic, all commercial automobiles are being diverted to Highway 3.

Highway 3 stays one of the rare routes linking the Lower Mainland to the Interior that is unrestricted. However, only basic traffic is allowed for the time being between Hope and Princeton.

Checkpoints and travel rules are being implemented, and there is no stopping permitted in Princeton for vehicles over 14 tons.

Fleming stated Thursday the necessary traffic definition will soon be extended to include passenger buses to aid people to drive around the region, particularly with the vacations coming.

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