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Coquihalla Highway and parts of Highway 1 blocked as utmost flood injury

Key takeaways: 

  • Highway 1 with numerous shutdowns, Highway 5 wiped out closer to Hope. 
  • A part of Highway 5 was wiped out away by the increasing Coquihalla River closer to Hope, BC, on Monday. 
  • Floods and mudslides continue to have an extreme effect on highways throughout southern BC. 

Parts of Highway 1 closed due to floods and mudslides: 

Section of Highway 1 has been wiped away by increasing rivers as flooding in southern BC resulted in significant harm to infrastructure Monday, leading to notable shutdowns. 

The Trans Canada Highway has been blocked in both directions between Highway 11 to No. 3 road, a massive extension of the highway from Abbotsford to Hope. 

Access to the US border crossing at Sumas was also discontinued due to flooding across the highway. The Sumas Prairie zone of Abbotsford was placed on clearance instruction on Monday evening. 

The Highway 1 shutdown, across the shutdown of other highways around the Lower Mainland, means the territory is closely discontinued from the rest of the region. 

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Highway 1 was also extremely destructed by the Thompson River east of Lytton, BC, with a part of the highway failing into the water closer to Tank Hill. 

Highway 1 has shutdowns throughout the southern half of BC On Vancouver Island, the segment of the highway known as the Malahat has been pompous by flooding at numerous spots. 

East of Chilliwack, a chain of mudslides has shut the highway leading into Hope. 

It is presently not clear what the effect the highway shutdowns will have on provides going in and out of the Lower Mainland. Access to the territory by highway has been extremely limited since Sunday. 

Part of Coquihalla wiped away 

Highway 1 is one of the various highways throughout the region pompous by floods and landslides. A part of the Coquihalla was also extremely destructed on Monday. 

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