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BC announces state of emergency in the wake of destructive flooding, mudslides

Key takeaways: 

  • Premier Horgan states he anticipates confirming more casualties in the next few days. 
  • Individuals are transported on a boat after being saved from a zone that was cut off due to flooding in Abbotsford, BC, on Tuesday. 

British Columbia’s effect on Edmonton: 

British Columbia’s government announced a regionwide state of emergency effective noon PT Wednesday, Premier John Horgan stated at a press conference. 

The declaration comes after record-breaking rainfall caused key flooding and various mudslides that left hundreds of individuals in the Lower Mainland helpless or cut off from necessary services. 

According to the premier, the announcement will give the government higher flexibility to aid keep goods moving, as key road shutdowns have hampered the supply multiples. 

Dozens of individuals have been displaced from their houses and one woman was confirmed dead Tuesday after a mudslide wiped over a section of BC’s Highway 99. Investigators have obtained reports of at least two other individuals who are missing. 

“We expect to confirm even more fatalities in the coming days,” said Horgan. Source –

The state of emergency is in result for 14 days, with a probability of extending it if required. 

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It is deliberated to aid the government get rail and roadways back up said in a statement. 

“Our focus is on clearing, repairing and reopening roads to connect the Interior and the North to the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island, to get our supply chains moving,” Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Rob Fleming said in a statement.  Source –

Fraser valley condition: 

In the Fraser Valley, clearance instructions remain for residents in the Sumas Prairie zone of Abbotsford. A clearance instruction for the group of Yarrow and Majuba Hill in Chilliwack was demoted to a clearance warning Tuesday evening. 

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