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Abbotsford authorities request instant clearance of rural zone mentioning feasible shocking flooding

Key takeaways: 

  • Situations have soared and pose a notable chance to live, authorities say. 
  • People are being evacuated by boat from a zone of Abbotsford, BC, that was cut off because of flooding on Nov. 16. 

Catastrophic floodings in Abbotsford BC:

Authorities in Abbotsford, BC, are requesting all citizens who were told to clear the Sumas Prairie earlier Tuesday to leave instantly saying new situations pose “a notable risk to life.” 

In a release furnished, Town authorities state situations have declined notably in the previous hour as of the imminent failure of the Barrowtown Pump Station. The station is the only object keeping surplus water flow from the Fraser River from invading the flooded zone. 

Sumas Prairie is a low-lying rural zone just east of Abbotsford’s city centre about an hour’s drive east of Vancouver. 

“This event is anticipated to be catastrophic,” the release read, requesting residents who can’t clear safely to call 911 with their location. Source –

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Earlier Tuesday, authorities in Abbotsford and Chilliwack released the latest clearance instructions with water extents continuing to increase in the Fraser Valley in the aftermath of the greatest rain. 

A widened clearance order was placed into outcome for the whole of Sumas Prairie and section of Sumas First Nation in Abbotsford, while Chilliwack has released a clearance order for the group of Yarrow. 

People who stayed in both zones were told to leave instantly. 

“This is changing so rapidly that you might think you’re OK one minute and half an hour later you’ll see the change in the water extent,” explained Abbotsford Police Chief Mike Serr. Source –

Serr stated emergency answerers have saved several individuals stuck in quickly increasing floodwater off the roofs of their cars. 

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