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A Nurse describes being Attacked At Royal Columbian Hospital

Key points: 

  • British Columbia Nurse’s Union calls for security guards instructed to handle violence after the nurse states she was assaulted. 
  • A man was reportedly arrested by cops in New Westminster on a Halloween night. 

Nurse assaulted at a hospital in B.C., Union calls for better protection: 

The Nurse Union calls for better security for health care workers after a nurse states she was attacked while working at a hospital in New Westminster on a Halloween night. 

The media agrees to hide the name of the nurse who says she panics about the potential employment repercussions of speaking out. 

In the early morning hours of Nov. 1, the nurse states a man entered the emergency space waiting zone at the hospital and asked for a place to sleep after verbally abusing the crew at the registration table. 

The man then made his way through the emergency room and slept on the stretcher after hitting the nurse several times with his bag when the nurse questioned him. 

The nurse then states security guards weren’t in their cubicle since they have other duties such as guarding the building but help finally arrived.¬†

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New Westminster cops confirmed officials arrested a man after being called to the hospital for what looked to be a baseless attack. 

A statement stated that the man was not a patient and added officers will be commending allegations in connection with the assault. 

Union demanding for better security

After the attack on the nurse, the Vice president of B.C.’s nurse union felt “deeply troubled.”¬†Source –

“We are doing everything we can to support that nurse and their colleagues,” Danette Thomsen told CBC in an interview.

“We need security officers that are actually trained in protective services,” Thomsen said in an interview with CBC. “Many security officers are not.”

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