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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

9-year-old helps rescue wounded cat seen close to BC garbage dump


Key takeaways: 

  • Hazel is ‘the most gorgeous’ cat Sutter Rowse tells he has ever noticed.
  • Sutter met Hazel for the only time at the Williams Lake SPCA. 

Hazel from BC saves cat who was wounded: 

Nine-year-old Sutter Rowse adores cats.

So when he and his mother were looking online and saw a story regarding a lost cat in desperate requirement of care that had been found at a Chilcotin waste transfer station, he knew he had to aid. 

“I just couldn’t control thinking about her.”

In a report, the Williams Lake SPCA described the cat — called Hazel by the shelter — had been seen at the transfer station in Anahim Lake, approximately four hours west of Williams Lake. 

While the SPCA was fixing the cat, the vet found her hip was hurt — the head of her femur was cracked, and necrosis had been put in. It said the discovery would suggest more surgery and follow-up care, including physiotherapy.

The Williams Lake shelter called the crowd to support the non-profit to cover the vet expenses. 

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Cat rescued by a young boy in BC

That story led Sutter to brainstorm concepts with his mother for a fundraiser at school till they came up with one that appeared as it could work – homemade cinnamon buns.

$850 raised

Along with his mum, Leslie, Sutter created cinnamon buns to deal online through social media.

“I was inspired that he was desiring to do something so optimistic,” she stated.

She posted around it on a community page and stated she was devastated by the response.

“We took on the challenge, not having any thought how fast it would take off and how many cinnamon buns we would be making that week.”

They made about 15 dozen and dealt them by offering, raising $850 — funds to help pay for the surgery and veterinary expenses.

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