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$30K fees charged to the small-scale business owner after shipping detains

Key points: 

  • Worldwide shipping crowding is resulting in a lack of accessible space a federally accepted examination provisions. 
  • Small-scale business possessor Xiao Jing He of Burnaby, B.C., states shipping containers she ordered to transport stocks from China was flagged for random check and has been stuck at the DeltaPort. 
  • The ship has been sitting at the port since Oct. 23. 

Small-scale business owner facing problems as her ship is stuck at the DeltaPort: 

A small-scale business owner could be on the catch for tens of thousands of dollars in payments after her container was flagged for check by The Canada Border Services Agency and international shipping crowding. 

Xiao Jing He, from Burnaby, BC, is expecting to initiate a construction management firm in the Lower Mainland. She explains she reserved a shipping container to transport all their stocks from China. 

When the container appeared at the DeltaPort terminal in Delta, B.C., on Oct. 23 Xiao says it was flagged by CBSA for random check, which needed to be transferred to an exclusive marine container examination facility. 

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However, there is no space at any one of the specialised warehouses in the Lower Mainland. The earliest day Xiao’s container can be reserved is Dec. 6, she states. 

While the container is stuck at the terminal, it’s being hit with daily charges from both the port and the shipping aid, Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), which are approximately to total more than $30,000 by the hour the container is finally shifted on Dec. 6. 

At this point, it’s not clear how high the closing bill will ascend. 

“Six months of hard work, years of saving, and the dream to live a better life scattered because of this random inspection,” said Xiao. Source –

“After everything is said and done, we might end up with a bill that will take years to pay.”

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