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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

105 mislaid containers heaved from the ship during B.C. thunderstorms have likely vanished

Key points: 

  • Four containers have vanished away on the shore, officials say there’s no sign of the others. 
  • One of the shipping containers from the MV Zim Kingston that swept up on the remote northwest coast of Vancouver Island. 

Four containers were lost after storms occurred in B.C.: 

The Canadian Coast Guard says it trusts that some of the 109 containers that fell from a Cargo ship off Victoria in late Oct have vanished. 

The containers were heaved from the MV Zim Kingston during a thunderstorm near the entrance to the Juan De Fuca Strait around the hour a fire blazed on the vessel. 

The Coast Guard explained in a statement that, ‘four containers, carrying fridges and running shoes, washed ashore on northern Vancouver Island but there is no sign of the others.’ 

The agency stated it is working with the ship’s possessor to identify the next move and practicability of attempting to trace the 105 lost containers. 

Danos Shipping, which handles Zim Kingston, said a list of what was in the containers was not so far accessible to them. 

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The Coast Guard said lately that two of the containers mislaid overboard had chemicals in them, while others contained Christmas decorations, couches, appliances, car parts, toys and other everyday items. 

It said climate, high tides and storm swells have been notable elements affecting staff’s try to clean up the beaches where four of the containers arrived. 

The Coast Guard stated ‘307 garbage bags of material, 69 bulk bags of debris, 44 fridges, three bulk bags of scrap metal and a cubic metre of scrap metal,’ was recuperated last weekend from what was left of the containers that swept ashore. 

“The number of containers found beached remains at four and clean-up efforts are ongoing at these areas of northern Vancouver Island where debris has been identified. Unified Command expects a complete beach clean-up at these sites,” the coast guard said in the statement. Source –

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