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Staff filming heist movie has gear robbed in Winnipeg

Key takeaways: 

  • ‘It’s not a joke, this is for real… Everything’s gone,’ the director states. 
  • The trailer and all the other things inside were robbed. 

Robbing from truck containing gears and trailer: 

A Toronto movie staff is living through what looks like a script from one of their films after a truck and trailer containing all their lighting equipment was robbed in Winnipeg, and is now held for ransom. 

Adam Rodness and Stu Stone, brothers-in-law who own the firm 5’7 Films are in the town to film a heist movie called Vandits. Monday was ready to be the first day of a full month of shooting, but when they showed up at the creation office, they found out everything but two cameras was stolen. 

“The irony is not lost on us. Individuals who know us, like our family and friends, they don’t trust us,” said Stone, swearing the happening is not a publicity trick. Source –

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“If we were attempting to pull some sort of stunt, why would we get rid of the gear we require to shoot the film? This is an insane condition that we’re attempting to make the best of.” Source –

The duo is known for their independent comedy-horror films, with Vandits billed as a film “about four stoner idiots” who plan to rob a senior citizens’ bingo hall on Christmas fest and rob the $25,000 jackpot.

The Truck and trailer were robbed from the front street of Oakwood Avenue, in the town’s Riverview neighbourhood, overnight Sunday into Monday. 

“It’s not like a small piece of equipment, there’s like a truckload of stuff that’s worth probably close to like over aquarter-millionn dollars,” said Rodness, adding the production includes “an A-list Canadian cast, and now it’s like, oh my God, we flew all these people in and can we make this movie?”  Source –

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