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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Numbers of Blackfoot artefacts are kept in British museums

Key takeaways: 

  • The 3-year plan included university researchers, headed by Blackfoot advisers and counsellors. 
  • The latest website joins the Blackfoot to their historic objects in British museums by digital imaging technologies.

Blackfoot historic items in British Museums: 

In 2019, an assemblage of researchers, Blackfoot elders and scholars from southern Alberta and Montana moved to England to view Blackfoot objects kept in three museum findings.

One of those people was John Murray, the Blackfeet group historic protection officer. The tour was an empowering occurrence, he stated.

“You could feel the energy. It was very touching for me,” he replied. “In the Blackfoot worldview or knowledge system, the spirit is always attached. Source –

“That’s not unique to the Blackfeet. But we could feel that. We’ve talked about that — this particular energy that we were all able to experience.” Source –

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Three years later, the conclusion of the work begun is open on the Mootookakio’ssin website. The interactive website grants users to communicate with historic non-sacred Blackfoot belongings that earlier were only viewed in museums. 

Mootookakio’ssin interprets “distant awareness,” and was named by Dr Leroy Little Bear. The plan is a portion of the Blackfoot Digital Library, involving the copyright is owned by the Blackfoot people.

The plan was directed by Blackfoot advisors and elders from the Kainai, Siksika and Piikani First Nations in southern Alberta and the Amskapipiikani or Blackfeet Nation in Montana.

It included researchers from the University of Lethbridge and the United Kingdom, both graduate and undergraduate scholars, and three British museums, the Museum of Archeology and Anthropology in Cambridge, and the British Museum and the Horniman Museum and Gardens, both within London.

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